If the visibility is better than 10 km, 9999 is used. 9999 means a minimum visibility of 50 m or less. V x V x V x V x: The maximum horizontal visibility in meters. D v: In case of marked directional variation in visibility, the approximate direction of minimum and maximum visibility is given as one of eight compass points (N, SW, …)


Visibility 10 km or more. Few clouds at a height of 6500 ft. Change units. METAR: EGUN 140856Z 08006KT 9999 FEW065 08/01 A3051 RMK AO2A SLP335 T00810008 51003 FZRANO

According to the specification (section 15.6.3), visibility is to be reported in meters. The upper bound for visibility reporting is 9999, which indicates the visibility exceeds 10 kilometers. 3. This is encoded 9999 in a METAR/SPECI. 1.

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2021/02/24 07:50 LGKZ 240750Z 33011KT CAVOK 12/M04 Q1032  Förekommer ibland i METAR och på SWC-kartan. VV som i VV002. Vertical Visibility Vertikalsikt Anges när molnundersidan inte är tydlig. I exemplet VV002 är  Nearby METAR Reports molnigt 183 m. 2021/01/19 13:50 ENCN 191350Z VRB02KT 9999 -RA FEW003 BKN006 01/00 Q0997 Visibility: greater than 10 km. Available data for ESCM from the past hour METAR ESCM 170820Z AUTO 02009KT 9999 NCD 09/01 Q1031.

sikt vid marken (ground visibility): den sikt vid flygplats som meddelas av godkänd METAR, inklusive aktuella tryckdata för flygplatser och andra platser, TAF och 9999. 0800. Lägsta siktvärde och riktning för lägsta siktvärde (C).

Kl.1420: [METAR ESNU 141220Z AUTO 16005KT 130V190 9999 FEW053/// Nej, CAVOK är Ceiling And Visibility OK, dvs inga moln under 

Visibility: 10 km. 2021/04/15 04:50 ESTL 150450Z AUTO 00000KT 9999 NCD M02/M02 Q1030  Visibility: 10 km.

Metar visibility 9999

NDV will be included when automated visibility data has been obtained from a METAR YBCD 210600Z AUTO 20013KT 9999NDV // NCD 34/09 Q1023 RMK 

Lägsta siktvärde och riktning för lägsta siktvärde (C).

Metar visibility 9999

9999 Sichtweite > 10.000 m. 16 knot wind from 360˚, with gusts at 26 knot. Wind direction varying from 330˚ to 30˚.
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Metar visibility 9999

The report was made 2 … The METAR format is defined by the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) on behalf of ICAO.

Visibility : 9999 = 10 km or above, 7000 = 7 km, 0000 = less than 50 m : CAVOK = sky and visibility OK : As a result of an amendment by the International Civil Aviation Organization starting from 1 November 2001, the night-time visibility for aviation purpose represents the greatest distance at which light in the vicinity of 1 000 candelas can be seen and identified against an unlit background The first one – “9999” – means that visibility is greater than 10km. The use of “9999” is very common as visibility is not measured above 10km.
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METAR LICD Lampedusa Airport Lampedusa, IT. LICD 160350Z AUTO 10027KT 9999 BKN018/// 16/14 Q1007. Observed, Apr 16 Visibility, 10,000+ M .

Visibility 10 km or more. Broken clouds at a height of 2100 ft. Overcast at a height of 3500 ft. Change units.

The visibility transmitted in a METAR is the lowest observed in a 360 deg scan from the meteorological station. DLLO 121550Z 31018G30KT 9999 FEW060TCU BKN070 14/08 Q1016 TEMPO 4000 TS= Above METAR cannot be abbreviated to CAVOK because the cloud base is below the highest minimum sector altitude. CAVOK only refers to ceiling and visibility.

DEPARTED 7h 6m AGO. 14:41CET.

CAVOK only refers to ceiling and visibility. 2021-01-27 · IFR: Visibility of 1 mile of more but less than 3 miles and/or a ceiling of 500 feet or more but less than 1000 feet. Low IFR: Visibility less than 1 mile and/or a ceiling less than 500 feet. Trend Type Forecast.